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Gaetano Brand – Pocket Square – The Sapphire
February 3, 2017
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February 25, 2019
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Gaetano Brand – Pocket Square – The Andrew


Gaetano Brand – Pocket Square – The Andrew
Size: 11” X 11” • Fabric: Cotton Blend

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What is the one item that will boost your outfit in less than 5 minutes? With over 25 ways to fold a 11” square of fabric, Gaetano Brand offers unique patterns and one of a kind designs that will add to our expression of style. The power of a pocket square truly lies in the color, the fabric, and the fold. The way you choose to assemble your accessory makes or breaks an outfit. Gaetano Brand’s pocket squares are all handcrafted and custom-made, providing you with a small way to make a BIG difference.

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